How to increase muscle mass fast

The secret to slimming and lean body growth, at the expense of fat, comes from understanding how the body works. First of all, it is necessary to eliminate a big misunderstanding from the field: there is no fat mass that transforms into lean mass, muscles are not created from fat, but from the acquisition of more protein foods. In this sense, the path to build lean mass Clenbuterol for sale on California-Muscles steroids shop, the muscles, if a person is overweight is identical in two almost opposite stages. First of all, it is necessary to lose fat mass by controlling calories, through a very limited consumption of sugars that are immediately burning and complex (these must not be eliminated entirely, they are the famous carbohydrates). Once the fat has been eliminated, especially the fat in the hips and the visceral fat, muscle mass is increased, by raising the proportion of calories consumed, giving preference to protein-rich foods. Here are those who are rich in it and who should be part of a diet that involves increasing muscle mass.

Nutrition to increase muscle mass

Protein-rich foods

The lentils that are often considered poor food, belong to the Italian culinary tradition and are often served in the New Year’s Eve dinner, as an element of good omen. In reality, they are incredibly rich in protein and also add a nice supply of iron and fiber. A complete meal.

The idea that only red meats are rich in protein comes from a so-called visual mistake. We are used to associating red meats with more imposing animals and we think that beef must be more protein than turkey. Instead, white meats are complete and are not rich in fat. Which makes them preferred in any diet.

The fish, in general, is always recommended because it contains good fats, omega-3, which lower cholesterol and are good for your heart function. But all fish, we mean crustaceans and salmon, tuna and mollusks, are animals rich in proteins and vitamins, as well as tasty and associated with different variations in the preparation.

The tofu is a very widespread exotic food in the Far East, obtained from the curdling of soy juice. Food that is therefore passed off as threshold milk (or threshold cheese), raising many doubts. However, it is an extremely rich food in protein and fiber, which greatly helps to strengthen the muscles.

Like lentils, beans are also rich in proteins and carbohydrates and are preferred to other legumes, for their ability to bond well with many dishes. They are also rich in basic vitamins and minerals, such as zinc, necessary for the proper functioning of the brain.

Eggs, in general, are part of a rich breakfast and there is the perception that they should not be consumed more than a week, but this is not the case. An egg a day does not hurt and indeed is rich in protein, especially the yolk. It also depends on how you consume it, if you abuse other fats, because an egg in itself is not very caloric, but it is very nutritious.

Low-fat yogurt does not contain the traditional fats of the typical dairy product, it must never be abundant with dairy products and is a good mix of carbohydrates and proteins, while maintaining balanced calorie consumption (below 40 calories per serving). It is essential to consume it as it is, even if the taste does not attract at the beginning and you must avoid adding sugar to flavor it.

These foods, included in a complete diet, which does not completely eliminate carbohydrates (fundamental for the basal metabolism), help to create muscle mass and not abuse with red meat. The topic of protein supplements is often debated, they should not be taken unless you are gaining body-builder muscle mass. But this is not the case, here we are talking about a slim, sculpted and fit body. It is always essential to remember that taking too many proteins with a sedentary lifestyle makes you gain as much weight as you consume sugars and fats.

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